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“New” bending sections, doesn’t always mean ready to use.

“NEW “BENDING SECTION DOESN’T ALWAYS MEAN GOOD There is always someone offering an after market bending section for sale. So why hasn’t anyone gotten rich selling them? The need is there. Third party flexible endoscope service companies will pay $900 for an Original Equipment Manufactures’ (OEM) bending section. An industry exists where deep pocket salesman buy […]

Repair Services

CAPABILITIES   We can do; light assembly, micro finishing, micro hand assembly, surface preparation, fine metal manipulation & joining; solder, brazing, ‘laser welding’, adding metal (similar to die refinishing), fine metal joining; fine finishing, solder, brazing, ‘laser welding’, keyhole welding. The following equipment is useful; 4 Laser welders of varying power and configurations (upgraded ceramic […]