Lloyd Shue

Lloyd Shue was an orignal founder of Fibertech.

When Lloyd Shue, President of Llojenn, ran Fiber Tech, he oversaw more than 150 endoscope technicians and liaisons, 12 branches in four countries. You cannot run an operation of that size without some sort of software tracking every aspect of the business. There wasn’t an existing software program capable of giving us the detail and trending information necessary to inform our customers. So we designed a system to monitor every repair in process along each step of the way. We matched every technician and their capabilities with each designated repair. We trended every repair, by customer, so we were instrumental in reducing their repeat problems to assist them to stay on budget. We brought in a team of programmers and wrote a program for our techs and liaisons using their input. When we started Llojenn, I saw the need to upgrade that software using SQL server technology so the information could be accessed anywhere in the world, by anyone given entry into the program. We call it Mendsoft and it is still the best software for the endoscope service industry to date. It is user friendly and affordable for a small 2 man operation yet used by and applauded by one of the major endoscope manufacturing giants.

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