Repair Services

  • Llojenn Repairs the bendable section of endoscopes



We can do; light assembly, micro finishing, micro hand assembly, surface preparation, fine metal manipulation & joining; solder, brazing, ‘laser welding’, adding metal (similar to die refinishing), fine metal joining; fine finishing, solder, brazing, ‘laser welding’, keyhole welding.

The following equipment is useful; 4 Laser welders of varying power and configurations (upgraded ceramic chambers and beam reducing apertures), Laser marker, vibratory and rotary tumblers, magnetic finishers, mini part – electro platers and electro polishers, ultrasonic files, micro hydro torches, flex shaft drills, high torque micro motors, air drills, diamond lappers, micro abrasive processors, grinders,  buffers and polishers.

Flexible Endoscopes

At Llojenn Inc. we specialize in the repair of bending sections by major manufacturers, such as Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon,

Karl Storz and Wolf:

All Colonoscopes, including all pediatric models

All Deodenumscopes, plus therapeutic

All Gastroscopes

All Bronchoscopes

We can repair all of Olympus Ultras including; ENF, CHF, LF, URF and CYF. We can service Karl Storz Ultras, such as; AU1, CU1, BN, BP2 and RP2 and all related models. We have experience repairing several Wolf models including but not limited to, 7326.071, 7325.071, FNIP P, & FNIP F.

The only model we have not been successful repairing is the Karl Storz 11101 SK1, which is held together with monofilament, fishing line.

If a particular model isn’t listed, please inquire. We are capable of fixing approximately 99% of all incoming bending sections. 

Rigid Endoscopes

Many rigid endoscopes require laser welding the eyepiece in place to accommodate autoclave.

This repair can be completed and returned in the same day.

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Components of a bending section

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