Llojenn Inc repairs the bending section of Olympus Endoscope for less than the price of a replacement. Why replace when Llojenn has specialist trained in repairing the Olympus Endoscope and can repair it for less. Our repairs will meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications too.

The bending endoscope of Pentax equipment requires a trained professional to restore to perfect order. Llojenn Inc has these technicians specifically trained for the Pentax equipment. Our repairs exceed manufacturers specifications and our work is guaranteed. Send the bending section to the address below for repair.

The Fujinon endoscope is one of the finest manufactured. Llojenn has been repairing the Fujinon endoscopes bending probe since its creation. Our repairs meet FujiFilm's (Fujinon) specifications too. When we return your bendable endoscope section it will be as good as the day you first used your endoscope.

Our technicians are highly trained specialist who also work on the Storz endoscope (bending section) by adjusting the section so it moves as it was designed to move within its' encasement. Our work on the Storz endoscope is also guaranteed to meet or exceed specifications.

Llojenn Inc., 2101A Churchville Road, Bel Air, MD 21015 ~ Call 410-734-0333 for Service.

The fastest, most reliable endoscope bending section repair company in business with over three decades of experience.