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Customers may send us bending sections labeled as say, PCF-160AL. Bending section labeling can be a nomenclature nightmare. When I return the section, the packing slip or Invoice may reference a PCF-160A. The last letter L was left off and they are curious whether they received the right bending section back.  In this case, the last letter “L” denotes the length of the insertion tube and has nothing to do with the composition of the bending section.

On CF s & PCF s the following applies:

L = Long                I = Intermediate               M = Medium length       and        S = Short

But all of the bending sections are the same.

New Customers: If you have an endoscope’s bending section that needs to be repaired and are not sure of its designation, send it along for a free estimate.  We have the ability to fix almost every bending section that has ever been manufactured.  Regardless of the above designations there are some bending sections that do not have a letter designation.

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