Exports to the European market available

Statement by LLOJENN BENDING SECTION (ENDOSCOPE) REPAIR COMPANY, USA on the opening of its services to the European market

Bel Air, MD, USA, 1 December 2015

EuropeanUnionFlags“We welcome the European community to our company and expect greater awareness of our repair capabilities of the bending section of the Endoscope. We repair Olympus, Pentax Medical, Storz Endoskope, and Fujinon products. Our practice is limited to the bending section of the endoscope and do not repair the electronic equipment. Our repair techs are trained by the manufacturer and can repair bending sections it for less than the cost of replacement. Our repairs will meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. A repaired bending section versus an “after market” will reduce your exposure to medical liability by continuing the use of original Olympus components.

Our services provide less expensive options than Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM)Components.

Duplicating the shape doesn’t mean the part duplicates the function, for that you need trained specialist. When shopping for bending section (endoskope/endoscope) replacement parts, look to Llojenn who has knowledge of endoscopes and how the components interact with each other. Llojenn, Inc has a dedicated endoscope repair division so they can examine the machine part’s interaction and make instant modifications to the critical surfaces.

Fix this part or should I replace it?

We are in the business of repairing flexible endoscope bending sections. With 37 years of “hands on” experience in the United States repairing endoscopes, Llojenn, Inc. is knowledgeable as to which bending sections need repaired and which need replaced. Eyelets, rivets, bands, ears and ends all interact upon one another. An eyelet needs replaced when an angulation wire cuts a groove into it’s bottom. The wire then starts cutting into the rivet head. When the eyelet is replaced, the base of the eyelet lifts the wire up above the rivet head reducing further wear. If the rivet head is worn and may soon fail, it needs to be replaced as well. If it is still thick and strong, it will last to be examined the next time it comes in for repair. Fortunately for us, a bending section is made of stainless steel and brazing. Both of which can be added to or increased so a bending section can be repaired to a functional state forever. The only limitation is the physical characteristics of the metal itself.

Our technicians will estimate your repairs and ship old parts back to you in working order. In some cases better than new.

This further opening of our services to europe is a welcome step and is the outcome of the enhanced technical work carried out between the service members and Llojenn, Inc., of Bel Air, Maryland, USA.

Llojenn, Inc
2101A Churchville Road,
Bel Air, Maryland, 21015

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