Endoscope Bendable or Flexible Section Repair

Flexible Endoscope Repair


Whether you are in the operating room, GI, or pulmonary setting, flexible endoscopes need to function properly.  Llojenn Inc has experience with every manufacturers bending (flexible) sections and makes repairs for clients world-wide.  Llojenn will examine and evaluate each “touch point” a flexible endoscope encounters, identifying areas for improvements and ensure your bending section is working properly. We work with all flexible endoscope companies (brands) and guarantee our work to meet the requirements set forth by those manufacturers.

When a flexible endoscope does require rehabilitation, Llojenn Inc provides restoration by highly trained technicians to return endoscopes to their engineering industry standards and in many cases exceed the product specifications.  All work is done meticulously by highly skilled craftsmen, working by hand, using high powered microscopes to return the bendable section to the original manufacturers precise settings. Our technicians inspect every facet of your bending section to ensure it is working perfectly.  

 Llojenn Inc has worked with companies on both sides of the planet and reworked flexible/bendable endoscope sections for company’s big and small.  We have worked with other endoscope repair businesses as well to assist them with the repair process and continue to support many businesses in their repair efforts regardless of difficulty.  You can count on us as well and come to the source. 

Get to know Llojenn for bendable/flexible endoscope repair.

We are so sure you will like our work that we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee.  If for any reason you feel the repaired endoscope bending section is not perfect let us know and we will make it perfect at no charge.  Please do note that we only work on the flexible/bendable section of the endoscope.  Please contact us at our phone number below or through the contact form on this website.

Send the bendable or flexible section of the endoscope to Llojenn, Inc. 2101A Churchville Road, Bel Air, Maryland, 21015.
You can talk to a representative by calling (410) 734-0333.


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