Lloyd Shue

Lloyd Shue was an original founder of Fibertech.

Owner Lloyd Shue, with over 38 year’s experience in the field of endoscope repair was the partner and co-founder of Fiber Tech Medical. That company soon grew into becoming the largest and highest rated independent endoscope repair company.

After 11 years operating a successful endoscope repair business, Lloyd sold his company to General Electric but still had the strong desire to remain in the same industry. He decided that with his accumulated research and development knowledge, he could assist third party repair facilities by specializing in the more difficult aspects, such as repairing bending sections.

Lloyd began Llojenn, an anagram of Lloyd and Jennifer, his Bio-Engineer, in 1999. The company’s vision was to apply the concept of an articulating medical device similar to the bending section of an endoscope in other areas of the body. Secondary to the companies’ vision was to use Llojenn experience to meet the needs of these third party endoscope repair companies. No longer would companies have to rely on the manufacturer to replace integral components like the bending section but instead could now save their customer additional money by having that section repaired.


Llojenn can perform light assembly, micro finishing, micro hand assembly, surface preparation, fine metal manipulation & joining; solder, braze, ‘laser weld’, add minute amounts of metal (similar to die refinishing), fine metal joining; fine finishing.

The following equipment is used; 4 Laser welders of varying power and configurations (upgraded ceramic chambers and beam reducing apertures), Laser marker, vibratory and rotary tumblers, magnetic finishers, small metal part electro plating and electro polishers, ultrasonic files, micro hydro torches, flex shaft drills, high torque micro motors, air drills, diamond lappers, micro abrasive processors, grinders, buffers and polishers.

Endoscope repair Specialized Tools Developed

Light collimation device, IT ring tools with protective inserts, Endo-Tester image analyzer, IT flexion measuring device, Acid brazing remover, bending rubber jigs including longer ‘190 series’, control body holding jig,

Medical tools developed

Specialized blade to perforate twins umbilical cord in utero, articulating device to abrade calcium build up with a nerve deflector in patients with spinal stenosis, articulating device to measure electrical impulses in the heart for Edwards Life Science, articulating tube to repair bicuspid aorta valve defects while the heart still beats, a tool to tie the stitches used in bicuspid valve sections together in the heart from the groin insertion site.