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This year we have witnessed an increase in what we call bending section compression.  This occurs predominately in JF s  & TJF s but is occasionally seen in GIF s. The spacing between the bands of a new “factory” bending section is relatively uniform. There is some spacing difference adjoining wedges, but aside from that the spacing between each band should be the same distance.

The problem occurs when the spacing between the bands reduces or warps toward each other. This in turn decreases the degree of angulation possible. Often the seven bands, closet to the proximal end are most affected.

I have tried to duplicate the Compression on stock bending sections without much success. When I forced the ends together without elements or mesh, the weakest band collapsed and the other bands remain unchanged. When the endoscope user collapses the bands, the collapse is uniform with the most prevalent collapse at the proximal end and each concurrent band a little less affected. Sometimes the bands are touching leaving no room for further angulating at these bands. I cannot imagine the force necessary to collapse the bands, nor do I wish to ponder how this could happen during a procedure.

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